[ Fair and Transparent ]

Hosting on Rubberdesk is free!

Yes, that's right - FREE TO LIST and NO HOST FEES!
We thought about what's fair and decided that we should only get paid when you the Host get paid. That way, we've got as much skin in the game as you have when it comes to finding a great Guest who will become a great regular.

How much is a desk worth?

You decide how much to charge.
As a guide the average desk rate per person on Rubberdesk is $510.
That rate varies by location and the quality of the fitout - but to figure out what your desk is worth have a look around and see what others in your area are charging.

What does Rubberdesk charge?

We include our fees in the price shown to Guests, so that Guests can see up front how much a space costs.
Ready to go? Then...

Payment processing

We've kept payments safe and simple by partnering with PayPal to manage the processing and storing of your vital information.

We've done the hard work so you don't have:
  • Bookings are prepaid;

  • No invoices to issue or chase;

  • No late payments to follow up;

  • Booking requests come payment-authorised; and

  • Payment is captured as soon as you, the Host, accept the booking!

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