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Whether you need desks for a week or for the next 6 months, Rubberdesk is where you'll find a place for your business.

Find desk space without the hassle of long leases or lengthy contracts, and be stimulated by where you work. Desks, private offices or meeting rooms - in fact any type of workspace is available to rent when and where you want it.

Simply search by the area where you'd like to work and discover what's available. Find a space that suits you and book it on line - it's as simple as that!
Peace of mind comes for free when you book through Rubberdesk; we've got you covered by our insurance - how good is that!

Give us a call and we'll help you find or share your work space...
✆ 1300 433 757

So, where do you want to work today?


Hosts pay nothing with Rubberdesk. No Listing fees and No Rental fees.

Earn by sharing your spare office space with like minded businesses and professionals in need of space without long leasehold agreements.

Rent by the day, week or month - whatever duration suits you. There are lots of businesses looking for a long term home paying by the month.

With Rubberdesk you're always in control, and there's never any obligation to accept a booking. You'll get an email when a Guest books along with their profile, and if you wish you can chat to them before deciding to accept or decline the booking.

Bookings are prepaid, so there's
No chasing late payments;
No invoices to issue;
Payment is handled for you when you accept the booking; And
You're covered by covered by Rubberdesk's insurance for up to $20 million !

Sharing your space has never been easier. It's free and takes just minutes, so come and join the thousands of businesses already turning their spare space into spare cash.


Professionals and Businesses big and small are sharing office space...
Corporate employees working remotely.
Startups looking for a base without being tied down.
Professionals from Accountants, Architects, Designers and Lawyers to Media businesses wanting space in which to thrive.
Freelancers collaborating in a nurturing environment.

There's space to share for everyone.

Sharing space helps create ecosystems where ideas and innovation are amplified, where networks and collaborations can flourish, and where the value of the space goes beyond that of just a desk.
So whether you need desks for a week or for the next 6 months, search and find a home for your business on Rubberdesk without lengthy commitment.
And when you book through Rubberdesk, you're covered by our insurance for peace of mind.


As a Host you pay nothing with Rubberdesk!

Find out how much you could earn sharing your spare desk space...

With your spare desks earning, what will you spend the spare cash on?

☑ Hire new staff?
☑ Increase your marketing spend?
☑ Pay your rent?

Hosts pay nothing with Rubberdesk and all fees are included in the prices shown to Guests.


We are an online marketplace with a single vision:

To make it easy for businesses to share spare desk and office space.

The idea behind the business came when Jim helped his wife find a place where she could focus on her work.
Sarah was freelancing and keen to switch from working at home and meeting clients in cafes to an office where she'd see a familiar face and meet clients.
When a friend offered a spare desk in his office to share, the seed for Rubberdesk was sown.

So, in May 2016, two friends, Jim and Michael started Rubberdesk to help businesses looking to make more of their spare desks and offices.

Over the first six months, the feedback was tremendous and the site grew quickly, going from zero to thousands of spaces listed in Australia, London and New York.

Now, as the market continues to grow, we continue to focus on making it easy for businesses to share spare space.
If that appeals to you, then join us on the journey.

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