Company Information

What is Rubberdesk?

Rubberdesk is a platform where businesses share office space.

What is Rubberdesk's Vision?

Rubberdesk’s vision is for a world where people can thrive, working at what they love in places they love.

Who are Rubberdesk Members?

Rubberdesk members are small and medium sized businesses who either have spare office space or need office space.
Financial services, marketing and media businesses, technology and IT services… the list goes on.

What Makes Rubberdesk so Special?

Rubberdesk is the first shared office space platform of its kind…

  • First with a Concierge service to find the perfect co-tenant
  • First to offer insurance coverage for peace of mind with every booking.
  • First full transactional platform that is completely free for Hosts.
  • First to find you the perfect partner to share your space.
What Specifically does Rubberdesk Provide?

Rubberdesk provides an online platform where businesses share their spare desk and office space.
Rubberdesk provides:

  • A Concierge service to help find the perfect co-tenant.
  • Trusted messaging between Guests and Hosts
  • Secure payment processing
  • Public liability insurance coverage on all bookings

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For all media enquiries about Rubberdesk, please email or call 1300 433 757