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If you’re a lease holder then the chances are that there is a clause requiring the landlord’s permission to rent out part of your office. We suggest you send them an email requesting permission and explaining that you intend to rent office space through Rubberdesk which:

  • is a short term rental of space
  • between you as the Host and the Guest
  • does not forego your obligations under your leasehold agreement or add other parties to it.

Owners establish the listing price for a space on Rubberdesk and prices quoted are inclusive of Rubberdesk fees.
Taxes and payment processing fees are calculated when Guests hit the “Book” button.

It is free to list space on Rubberdesk.
Rubberdesk charges 15% of the monthly fees collected from Guests.
All fees are included in the prices shown on the site.

Hosts are required to insure their space during the time of rental.
Guests are required to have business insurance during the time of their rent.

Bonds and Security deposits are not managed through Rubberdesk.

Spaces can be furnished or unfurnished at the discretion of the owner.
We see a mix of requirements from Guests, but generally they look for furnished Desk space and unfurnished private Office space.
We find most Hosts are flexible in this regard if there is a particular need a Guest has.

Rubberdesk handles all payments.
Guests pay Rubberdesk when they book a space and Rubberdesk pays the Host directly by Electronic Funds Transfer to their bank or via PayPal.
Hosts are paid on the first day of the booking.

Rubberdesk is a peer to peer marketplace for office space.
Owners (Hosts) list office space for rent on Rubberdesk themselves for potential Tenants (Guests) to view and enquire.
Through the Rubberdesk platform, Guests enquire and request viewings of office spaces. This allows Hosts and Guests to meet and ensure the space and people are the right fit.
Each month Guests book and pay through the Rubberdesk platform for the office space.
Hosts have the right to decline a booking.

When you book space through Rubberdesk, at the discretion of the Host, the Rubberdesk Standard Short Form Licence Agreement between the Host and Guest may be used.
It is at the discretion of the Host as to use of the Licence, noting that the Host may well use an amended version of the Licence as no one standard agreement can cover all circumstances.
Use of the Rubberdesk website and all services provided by Rubberdesk are covered by the terms and conditions of the site.
Copies of the Rubberdesk Standard Short Form Licence Agreement are available upon request. Please get in touch to request a copy.

Hosts can set the minimum rental period to be a month, week or day when they create the listing.
The vast majority of rentals are by the month and repeat for multiple months.

Depending on the space rented the savings are typically around half of what you might pay elsewhere.
Rates vary and are set by the Host, but the average desk rate on the Rubberdesk platform is ~$500 per month, which compared to traditional commercial rates could save you $1,000’s over the course of the year.

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