$2 Billion in Empty Desk and Office Space Ready to Share!

There are over 2 million listings on Airbnb, homes shared with owners earning money from what would otherwise be under-utilised space. Now, businesses are eyeing up empty desk and office space so that they too can earn by sharing their unused space with other businesses.

The Sharing Economy: Changing How We Work

Sharing Office Space Made Easy

Innovations in technology combined with disruptive platforms and the sharing economy for everything from shared office space to shared transport are changing the way we work, live and ultimately the way our cities and transport infrastructure is built.

So I Started a Site for Shared Office Space

Share an office!

I know what the world needs! A site for shared office space, where regular businesses can share their spare desks and offices with other businesses. Well, I would say that – I started one. Here’s my┬ástory…